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How to Partner?

Select your Zone

Choose the coverage area where you want to offer high speed internet services.

Build the Network

Our techical team will build the whole network for you in the coverage zone from scratch.

Grow your customers

Utilize our Marketing tools, Customer services and Technical support to grow your customers.


How will it benefit you?


Partnership levels

Whether you want to bring high speed internet to your Street or planning for a full scale network for your City, we can help you with that.

Street Level Hotspot

Revenue potential

Rs. 30,000 / Month

Coverage 500m Radius

Potential 50 customers

Uplink Wireless

Marketing Tools Banners

Customer Service Web portal, Phone, Email

Technical Support Phone

Initial CPE N/A

Initial Bandwidth N/A

Installation Cost Rs. 75,000

Town Level Tower

Revenue potential

Rs. 150,000 / Month

Coverage 2km Radius

Potential 75 customers

Uplink Wireless/Optical Fiber

Marketing Tools Banners, Sign board

Customer Service Web portal, Phone, Email

Technical Support Phone, Site Visit

Initial CPE 20 sets

Initial Bandwidth 1 month

Installation Cost Rs. 500,000

City Level Tower

Revenue potential

Rs. 500,000 / Month

Coverage 5km Radius

Potential 200 customers

Uplink Optical Fiber

Marketing Tools SMS, Banners, Sign board

Customer Service Web portal, Phone, Email

Technical Support Phone, Site Visit

Training 1 Week

Initial CPE 60 Sets

Initial Bandwidth 3 Months

Installation Cost Rs. 1,150,000

Monthly revenue displayed is only an estimated figure, original amount may vary depending on customer load.


Terms of Service

Standard delivery times of goods and services

Order processing

To connect with our network, you will need to Sign up and order a package of your choice. After placing the order and submitting the required data, it will take 1-2 business days to process the order.

Equipment installation

Once initial data evaluation has been done, our technical team will contact you on the contact number and email address provided during the Sign up. It will take 1-2 hours to install the equipment at your premises.

Complaint resolution

You can generate customer ticket after logging in to our client area or contact us on the customer help line 0335-0985234. Our agent will guide you to resolve the issue, if resolving the issue requires a visit to your site then our technical team will visit you with in 3 hours between 9AM - 5PM Monday to Saturday.

Return/exchange of goods and cancellation of orders

Once equipment has been installed at your premises, our technical support person will operate the equipment and ensure that you are receiving proper bandwidth. Outdoor radio equipment comes with a one month warranty, If the equipment is not working properly then it can be returned/exchanged within one month.

Refunds and Refund Policies

Refund within first 30 days

Orders can be cancelled at any time within first 30 days of equipment installation. You will get a full refund including the equipment price.

Refund after equipment installation

You can cancel the monthly subscription at any time after 30 days, in this you will get a refund depending on number of days remaining in the cancellation month. Equipment cannot be returned after 30 days.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Law

We operate our network under Pakistan Telecommunication Authority's CVAS Data License, thus require collection of users data and recording user activity according to guidelines set by the Law set by Government of Pakistan.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information collected by Fursan is only used by our authorized staff to ensure a secure and reliable service provision. By handing us your personal information you authorize us to contact you on the provided email id, phone number and the physical address for promotion of our services.

3rd Party

Fursan may provide your data to any authorized 3rd Party for the sole purpose of service improvement or to any Government organization authorized by the Law.

Who are we?

Coming Soon!

Partner with us

Fursan gives you an exciting opportunity to become our partner and represent Fursan in your City, Town and Region. Whether you want to start internet service in your town or want to build a full scale network in your City, Fursan will help you build your dream network.Whether you are a tech Guru or a complete novice to technology, Fursan will give you it's full technical and legal support to build and grow your network.

What services can I offer to my customers?

With Fursan on your back, you can offer a wide range of internet services to your customers. Two of the widely used services that you can offer in your Town/City are:

  • - Wifi Hotspots: Customers will buy scratch cards, and use internet on mobile (similar to 4G)
  • - Fixed Connections: Every customer will have a fixed connection to his home (similar to DSL)

How much investment is needed?

For as little as 75000 Rs. you can start your internet service, almost anywhere in KPK. With Fursan, you will offer Wireless Internet Services from your own towers. Given below are some of tower options:

  • - Street Level: Estimated cost: 75,000 Rupees, Approximate Range: 500 meters, Customer Potential: 20 customers, Expected monthly revenue: Rs. 30,000
  • - Town Level: Estimated cost: 3 Lac Rupees, Approximate Range: 2 Kilometers, Customer Potential: 75 customers, Expected monthly revenue: Rs. 140,000
  • - City Level: Estimated cost: 9 Lac Rupees, Approximate Range: 5 Kilometers, Customer Potential: 200 customers, Expected monthly revenue: Rs. 500,000

I am interested, what is the next step?

For further details on partnering with Fursan, please contact us on:

  • - Email:
  • - Phone: 03348463043
  • - Phone: 03005666446

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